Roger Mellon’s Head

Roger Mellon’s head is like a globe.
Not oval-roundy like a human head,
OK, that’s an exaggeration.
I don’t like my boss anymore.
He went to a conference to explain the new Y10k project
and offered me a ticket.


Taking Advantage

I am taking advantage of my new assignment by reading
science fiction.
There are visionaries on Earth that can see into the future
far better than I.
I told Roger Mellon (head) that that was my tack.
I’m going to write a book report for everyone.

The 10,000K Problem

They don’t know what to do with me at work.
So I was assigned the 10,000K problem.
I know, they know, you know that that year 10,000 A.D. is a long way away.
Yes it is.
But that won’t stop me from dealing with the issue.
The 10,000K problem is hear to stay.
For a while.