The Coffee Shop with Wray

At long last I caught up to Wray Joogles in the coffee shop.
I asked him why he walked his dog so early in the morning,
you know, at 1am, 2am, 3am.
He said he wasn’t walking his dog.
I’m sure I looked puzzled.
Then he explained.
“I sleep walk. The dog is a seeing eye dog.”



Wray Joogles Walks Again

Wray was walking sorta.
At least he was putting one foot in front of the other.
His dog was barking.
And his dog had woken me up.
And his dog was pulling Wray along
By lamplight
On the sidewalk
They were all alone.
And it was very dark.

Wray Joogles Takes a Walk

I found Wray Joogles wandering around my neighborhood,
Holding a leash to a black lab.
I had to wonder, since it was after midnight.
He was not walking normally, but he was also not walking in a drunken fashion.
I find myself thinking about this incident often.
His silhouette in front of the street light.
I hope I don’t lose sleep over it.

Mini Spotter

Wray Joogles loves Mini Coopers
Just like me.
But he spends way too much time trying to spot them.
I found him eating his lunch on a hill.
He had a nice set of binoculars
and was very happy to be spotting so many Mini Coopers
In Linkyshire.
I was flattered by that in some weird way.