What I’m Worried About in the Rainy Season

Rain coming down all the time now.
Thunder hovering over it.
Creek swelling up.
I’m worried about the muskrats.



Today it is cold.
It was cold last night.
Yesterday too.
And the day before.
It was cold last weekend.
Sometimes things don’t change much.

All Roads Lead to Linkyshire

I was coming home from N-Town, a mere 8 miles away.
Then it started to snow, heavily.
All the cars slowed down
Because we were all scared of crashing our cars together.
I turned North and all the cars were there.
I turned West and all the cars were there.
I got to thinking, after I created a new lane for myself in the snow,
that all roads lead to Linkyshire,
because everyone was going there with me.
Massive numbers of cars were coming from the Interstate.
Massive numbers of cars were coming from the side roads.
That made time go more slowly…
I kept switching my radio on and off and
We made a long double line of cars
that moved toward Linkyshire.
Linkyshire is popular, even when it snows!


There is so much snow that we are living underground now.
It is quite the experience.
Mayor Oliver Armapple has declared an emergency;
other than that he hasn’t done anything.
I don’t see any plows or traffic today.
No sirens.
Just coyote tracks petering out in the distance.
Yup, the LInkyshire newsletter says the coyotes are back to breed at this time of year.
Pups should arrive in 60 days.
I’m looking forward to it.