Tuckerhed Traffic Jam

George’s mini-brick-truck was parked by the black iron gate.
It didn’t block the way to the gate.
In line, behind George’s mini-brick-truck was the Tuckerhed-mobile.
It had crazy colors.
It had bonky-music flooding out.
And all the Tuckerheds were screaming at George.
But George wasn’t in the truck.
He was watching the scene from the sidewalk, with a cup of coffee in his hand.
It took five minutes and some leap-about Tuckerhed scout missions to find a way through.


Tuckerhed Football

Tuckerhed football must be played in a parking lot.
Tuckerhed football is played with at least two balls at the same time.
Teams must be lopsided.
When a ball hits a car you must scream.
When a ball hits a player you must scream.
If someone is watching you must calm down,
and play regular touch football.
I was just happy my car was parked in the garage.

The Tuckerheds Move In

There was a moving truck outside today.
Looks like someone or something was moving in.
The furniture looked more modern that you would anticipate.
I’m not sure how I would sit in any of it.
Then I heard them,
in the hall,
in the elevator,
in the lobby,
outside by the truck,
shouting at each other.
I boldly introduced myself.
They shouted ‘hello’.
They shouted ‘how are you.’
I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying.