S.O.S. from Linkyshire

Pinky never comes to LInkyshire anymore.
As you may recall she said LInkyshire was boring.
It has been so long since she’s been here.
Of course, I have been to Pinkyshire.
But I find Pinkyshire boring.
And her house isn’t Pink anymore either.
So what is going on?
So what to do?
Do you have any suggestions?

I’m going to the dog park to think about it.


I Dream of Pinkyshire

Pinky did not want me to come to her new place.
She said I was too big for Pinkyshire.
But I went anyway.
I knew my Mini-Cooper was the right size.
The stepping stones to her new pink house were
small, small, small.
I had to tiptoe to her little front door.
My knocking on it seemed to rattle the whole neighborhood.
When she opened the door she had on a little pink bonnet.
She was smaller than I remembered her to be.
She had shrunk, I was sure of that.
She had even shortened her name to “Pink”.
Then I remembered that I was in my own dream.