Day 6: Pink=Pinky

I think my nurse is actually Pinky.

She wears pink, you know.

But who is Pinky, really?

Just a fictional character in my enormous dream,
who rejected Linkyshire and moved away.

Anyway, she came to my room today.

She had many things to do.
I couldn’t follow it.

I’m prepped for another month of rest.

Maybe I just want her to be Pinky because…
Or maybe I just miss Linkyshire.


John Puterhead Helps Pinky

Pinky was afraid her old puter would die.
Sometimes there was a streak on her screen and sometimes there wasn’t.
It was a mystery.
Puters are scary.

Her decision took a whole year.
But John Puterhead helped.
He took her to the store to ‘just look’ at the beautiful, new puters.
They were slim like air, and had instant-on gratification.
John Puterhead showed her the least expensive thin one.
And she bought it.

Now I want Pinky’s puter.

S.O.S. from Linkyshire

Pinky never comes to LInkyshire anymore.
As you may recall she said LInkyshire was boring.
It has been so long since she’s been here.
Of course, I have been to Pinkyshire.
But I find Pinkyshire boring.
And her house isn’t Pink anymore either.
So what is going on?
So what to do?
Do you have any suggestions?

I’m going to the dog park to think about it.

Dog Park

Pinky and I wanted to go to the dog park,
but, we didn’t have a dog.
We’d thought about getting a dog,
but, we never did.
So now we had a problem.
How to get into the dog park?
Cuz, you can’t get in without one.
We meandered over to the dog park
and noticed a dog rental shop,
Proprietor: Oliver Armapple.
On the other side of the block we saw
a dog kennel, Proprietor: Oliver Armapple.
So we rented someone’s dog and took it to the dog park.
It was great watching our dog frolic in the lake.

John Puterhead and Pinky’s Puter

John Puterhead was brought in to look at Pinky’s puter.
It was slow.
He looked.
He saw.
He shook his head.
There’s no way I can fix this on my own, he said.
So John Puterhead was stumped.
I was stumped.
Pinky’s puter is slow because of 1000 email and 1000 sticky notes.
Pinky finds this all a bit terrifying.
I think John Puterhead feels the same way.

Pinky and Her Puter

Pinky’s computer clogged up.
A thousand or more emails are in her inbox.
There is no way she can read them.
There is no way she wants them.
Some people who know Pinky will never get a reply.
Some advertisers will never have her as a customer.
They should think twice before sending out that email.
Not everyone can read all their email.

The Moth

Pink (a.k.a Pinky) was in the kitchen.
She was cleaning up.
A moth was floating around the room.
It landed here and there and it became a nuisance.
Pink put on her dishwashing gloves and punched it.

That’s how to deal with a moth, I thought.