Letter from Paul

Paul wrote me.
He is fine, he says,
living with monks somewhere,
I don’t know where exactly.
The post mark is Hong Kong, but
that can’t be right.
He says he is in the mountains.
And without Ruth bugging him,
he is getting clear about life.
Well, I thought, after reading his letter,
I hope he is well after everything that happened.
And I hope Ruth is OK too.
And I hope the bank had a good insurance policy.
And I hope the insurance company had a good re-insurance policy.
I wish everyone well tonight.


Postcard from Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the northern island of Japan.
You can probably guess who it is from.
She split up with Paul.
I was sorry to hear that but then
it wasn’t a split-up exactly.
Paul joined a monastery.
She didn’t say where.
John was all ears.
He’s been thinking of joining a monastery too.


I got a postcard from Paul & Ruth.
It was post marked “Anchorage, Alaska.”
Snow covered mountains stretch into the distance.
Mostly, I guess, if you rob a bank, people would figure
you’d go to the Riviera or the Caribbean or something, maybe Sao Paulo.
Maybe they were passing through on their way to Hokkaido.
But it might not be from them at all.
I don’t know their handwriting.


There have been a lot of sirens in Linkyshire.
Every day brings a screaming noise.
The police must be jagged nervous.
I guess I would be too.
They are usually looking for traffic violations.
I guess that’s how Paul & Ruth took advantage of the situation.
When you’re looking for traffic violations you don’t expect a big robbery.
I’m not sure where Paul & Ruth are. They’re not in jail.
But we have a lot of sirens now in their honor.

Paul & Ruth Get It Together

I saw them holding hands.
Thought it was odd.
They even got into the same mini-cooper and drove off together.
I just had to follow them to see what would happen.
They drove to the bank across the street and went in.
They came out with several hefty money bags
and threw them into the back of their mini-cooper.

I guess I should have seen this coming.

Driving Away

Caught Ruth in the lobby today.
I was going up.
She was going down, figuratively, I mean.
She said she was going away.
Paul was driving her crazy,
so she was going to drive away.
She did have her keys in hand.
Turns out, Paul was building a wooden boat
in their apartment because he wanted to sail away.