Mini Spotter

Wray Joogles loves Mini Coopers
Just like me.
But he spends way too much time trying to spot them.
I found him eating his lunch on a hill.
He had a nice set of binoculars
and was very happy to be spotting so many Mini Coopers
In Linkyshire.
I was flattered by that in some weird way.


Glovebox Trauma

Driving around one day I heard a warbling.
It was annoying.
It sounded like it was coming from my dashboard.
I was really afraid my car needed a repair.
I hate the repair shop.
It’s full of flies.
At a stoplight I decided to investigate.
I opened my glove box and found a rain cloud.
The warbling was miniature thunder.
I couldn’t stop looking at it.
People were honking at me,
But I felt safe.

John’s Mini Cooper

My Mini was in the shop for the day.
I needed a few specialty items.
John gave me a ride to the mall.
He swept the front seat clean with his sleeve.
Hamburger wrappers, empty cups with straws
pointing out of the top, papers, candy wrappers,
cans of all types, fell to the floor and he motioned me in.
The back seat was filled with magazines,
boards, and one plant.
When he started up a cloud of blue smoke came out the back.
Why don’t you get your Mini fixed, he said.
“Good idea,” I said.

Mini-Cooper Traffic Jam

There was a big traffic jam today in downtown Linkyshire.
We were all crowded around the fountain.
I don’t know where everyone came from.
There were some out of state plates.
I don’t blame them for wanting to come to the Mini-Cooper capital of the world.
Someone stuck their tongue out at me.
I didn’t like that.
I wasn’t trying to cut anyone off much.
There just wasn’t room.
We all sat there for about half an hour.