John Puterhead Answers a Question About the Militia

He said ‘hi’.
I said ‘hi’.
He introduced himself as John Puterhead.
I asked him if he knew about the Linkyshire Militia since it was on my mind.
He looked at me a little puzzled and then quickly asked me,
You mean ‘The Militia? The video game?
A video game?
Yeah, it was popular a few years ago. It’s old hat now.
Oh, I said. Can you find out if Mayor Armapple plays that game?
Sure, he said. He looked at his phone and pressed it a few times.
He’s a member of the Linky Militia, ranked 10th.
Thanks, I said. (I didn’t care about the ranking).


Frogs in the Militia

Last night frogs croaked in the pond.
I could hear them through my window.
They got louder and louder.
The traffic diminished.
They got louder and louder.
I listened to them.
They chorused, “Mu Li Sha”.


Every time we talk we mention the word ‘militia’.
Pinky thinks Armapple was trying to be nice.
Militia is on my tongue when I brush my teeth.
There is nothing I can do about it.
I await the next step whatever it is.
I have no idea.