Raymond Carroll

Raymond Carroll stepped into his captain’s car.
LPD is on the side of the car.
He exited the police station and floored it.
Unfortunately, an Evantonian Beer Truck was there too.
Those trucks are always clogging up the road.
They are never of service to Linkyshire.
Until today.
Once the two vehicles met there was an explosion of missing documents.
The captain’s car’s trunk flew off.
It was like paper airplane day.


Red Flag Day

Today is Red Flag Day.
It means the wind is blowing.
Very hard.
Bright leaves dive bomb the pavement.
Yellow leaves kick orange leaves.
They flock.
A flock of bright leaves follow the police chief’s car.
Twittering like birds they seem to bother the car.
This way and that way.
They don’t give up.
The car tries to get away but can’t.
This is very odd weather.

Document Fever

Everywhere I go I notice documents.
Even if it’s just a piece of paper lying on a counter, I call it a document.
Sometimes I think I see a pile of documents near the donation bin,
like someone is giving documents away.
Speculation is rampant.
Gibbon O’Hara, the building supervisor, thinks there’s a document thief.
It’s a daft idea.
But it could be real.
I mean, how many people forget their documents?

Missing Documents

Many businesses in Linkyshire have noticed that paper documents have gone missing.
This always happens around lunchtime.
The Linkyshire police chief, Raymond Carroll, had this to say: “We’re looking into it.”
I, myself, am not missing any documents.
Neither are my neighbors.
Nobody knows what to make of it.

Linkyshire Thugs

I saw them do it.

A black car parked next to friendly car parked in the parking lot.
The guys in the black car jumped up and down on the friendly car.
The friendly car alarm took off and the guys got back in the black car.
The friendly car owner came out and shut off the alarm and went back inside.
The guys in the black car jumped up and down on the friendly car.
The friendly car alarm took off and the guys got back in the black car.
The black car took off, no doubt to repeat their performance.

The LPD officer finished writing my citation and drove off.
Was he daft?

Sometimes I don’t believe what I see and hear.

LPD Migration

For some reason,
members of the LPD (Linkyshire Police Department) have taken jobs in town.
For instance, Harmon, the night patrol guy, is working as a dishwasher.
Reports indicate they all met by the fountain two nights ago
and threw their hand guns into the water.
I went to check and sure enough
there was a pile of them there
rusting away.
Evantonian truck traffic has increased.
The positive is that the sirens don’t wake me up in the middle of the night.
I appreciate that.

LPD Cardboard Governance

The LPD just bought a bunch of cardboard cruisers.
They look just like the real thing except,
they’re made of cardboard and they’re GPS guided.
They glide around Linkyshire, this way and that,
bringing their presence to all,
particularly the main roads,
and people drive better
because no one can tell the difference
between the cardboard cruisers and the real LPD.
I guess its money well-spent.