Men with Guns at the Linkyshire Cinema

There’s a genre I like to call “Men with Guns”.
The guy is tough, way beyond normal.
He doesn’t care about himself or anything else.
Well, maybe a cool looking girl captures his attention.
Yeah, he has that in his life.
Usually this tough guy
is surrounded or chased
by a cabal of other tough guys
who don’t care about anything except their jobs.
I went to one of these movies recently
and didn’t care for it.


Winter Boxes: colorful or plain

Every day I look out my window onto the frozen parking lot.
All I see every day I look out my window are old ladies carrying small boxes.
My mother once sent me an apple in a box.
It was a forlorn apple.
They carry them into buildings and out of buildings.
It is quite a scene.


Where did all these bridges come from?
There are bridges everywhere now.
While it’s nice to cross the river on foot once and awhile,
I’m not sure I need a bridge to the LPD or the fountain.
It’s a cluttered feeling to have all these bridges here.
Must be a convenience though, for some.

Day 6: Pink=Pinky

I think my nurse is actually Pinky.

She wears pink, you know.

But who is Pinky, really?

Just a fictional character in my enormous dream,
who rejected Linkyshire and moved away.

Anyway, she came to my room today.

She had many things to do.
I couldn’t follow it.

I’m prepped for another month of rest.

Maybe I just want her to be Pinky because…
Or maybe I just miss Linkyshire.

Day 2: Dr. Armapple

Miss Nurse and Doctor Armapple are my best friends ever.
Miss Nurse said my recuperative sleep was over.
It lasted a month which isn’t unusual.
It was a nice, healthful, programmed sleep, she said.
She is great. She always wears pink.
And it was a great sleep.
I remember parts of a dream I had.
I’m going to write it down.
I remember a town.
It’s name was Linkyshire.
I think that’s a great name for a town.