But, as a premier member of the Lazyites Club,
I can’t be bothered to look up how muskrats deal with high water marks.
When the creek is so high it nearly touches the footbridge.
They huddle like Florida families during a hurricane, right?


Men with Guns at the Linkyshire Cinema

There’s a genre I like to call “Men with Guns”.
The guy is tough, way beyond normal.
He doesn’t care about himself or anything else.
Well, maybe a cool looking girl captures his attention.
Yeah, he has that in his life.
Usually this tough guy
is surrounded or chased
by a cabal of other tough guys
who don’t care about anything except their jobs.
I went to one of these movies recently
and didn’t care for it.


Where did all these bridges come from?
There are bridges everywhere now.
While it’s nice to cross the river on foot once and awhile,
I’m not sure I need a bridge to the LPD or the fountain.
It’s a cluttered feeling to have all these bridges here.
Must be a convenience though, for some.