Tuckerhed Traffic Jam

George’s mini-brick-truck was parked by the black iron gate.
It didn’t block the way to the gate.
In line, behind George’s mini-brick-truck was the Tuckerhed-mobile.
It had crazy colors.
It had bonky-music flooding out.
And all the Tuckerheds were screaming at George.
But George wasn’t in the truck.
He was watching the scene from the sidewalk, with a cup of coffee in his hand.
It took five minutes and some leap-about Tuckerhed scout missions to find a way through.


George’s Truck

George doesn’t drive a truck.
But his mini-van is quite colorful.
He sells bricks mainly,
and his tru…
mini-van has a picture of a man eating bricks for breakfast.
That’s what his company is called,
“Bricks for Breakfast.”
It makes me want to order some bricks.
Not that I’d know what to do with them.