The Fire

The Burning Arrow Store caught fire.
Fred put it out.
Hurray for Fred!
He is the best fire chief in the world.
I think.
The mall was not affected.
No one fled in panic.
There was no one in the mall at the time.
Hurray for Fred.
Although Fred looks weird in his sunglasses at night.


High End Mall Store

I went to Linkyshire’s high end mall today.
There was a new store called the Burning Arrow Store.
They sold burning arrows or so they said.
There were slogans on the front of the store that read,
“Do unto others as you would not want them to do unto you”
and a quote from China’s prime minister, “Burning Arrows are for you,”
and a quote from the Australian prime minister, “Shipped discretely in flame retardant brown paper.”
A real burning arrow was burning underneath the slogans.
The fire was real.
I wonder if Fred has seen the store.
I decided to keep the idea of entering the store in my back pocket.

Is Fred Cool?

Fred, the fire chief, shaved his head.
John thinks he looks like a monk.
Fred thinks he looks cool.
You can tell by the way he carries himself,
with confidence in his stride…
but I have to say, he is another public figure
with remarkably, un-subtle delusions.
John talked to him about the haircut.
He wanted to know if Fred was cut out for monastery life.
Fred’s expression was priceless.

Fred McNamara

Fred is the Fire Chief in Linkyshire.
He has had a fascination with fire since childhood.
He dreams of fires in houses and factories.
He likes people too.
He dreams of people in fires.
He dreams of saving them
or not.
Either way it is a good career for Fred.