A Plane and a Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are tiny.
Planes in the distance are tiny.
Therefore they are similar.
I grabbed at the fruit fly and missed.
But the distant plane was tempting.


How To Fool a Fly

Observe the fly on a door frame.
Grab a stiff envelope.
Walk by the fly as if nothing is going to happen.
Once past the fly and out of sight,
and slap the envelope against the fly’s position.
Observe the fly on the floor in the next room.

Fly Season

Or summer as it is sometimes called,
Is coming again.
I am not looking forward to it.
The other day, a big ugly fly banged into my head.
Annoying, and just like fly season.
Iceland sounds better.
I think I’ll go there this summer.

Flies in the Coffee Shop

Well, I’ve avoided this topic all summer.
Grim it is.
There is more than one fly in the coffee shop these days.
I just want to go in there with a big fan and blow them all around the shop.
They mess me up.
They sit on my cup.
The owner doesn’t care.
They fill the air.
<end rant>

I am unhappy.

Fall Is Really Here

I know Fall is here because there are no flies in the coffee shop.
I am so happy about that that I had to tell you.
If I were a coffee shop owner I wouldn’t let any flies into my shop.
Maybe someday I will buy a coffee shop.
It would be like my living room.
All the seats would be comfy chairs and sofas.
I would sit there with my customers, reading,
pretending to work,
drifting deeply in thought.
Everyone would dream of drinking their coffee at my coffee shop.

Grim: A Fly Dies In the Tire Shop

I was sitting in the most desultory office in the United States.
The tire and oil smells permeated the carpet.
As I waited I read a nauseating classified ad newspaper
only because the book I had brought
generated the cruelest boredom imaginable.

Then I saw the fly.

It was the one from the coffee shop. It looked
exactly like it.

I picked up the useless ad-filled newspaper
rolled it up
and made use of it,
killing the fly on the carpet
where it blended in.