What I’m Worried About in the Rainy Season

Rain coming down all the time now.
Thunder hovering over it.
Creek swelling up.
I’m worried about the muskrats.


Fall Is Really Here

I know Fall is here because there are no flies in the coffee shop.
I am so happy about that that I had to tell you.
If I were a coffee shop owner I wouldn’t let any flies into my shop.
Maybe someday I will buy a coffee shop.
It would be like my living room.
All the seats would be comfy chairs and sofas.
I would sit there with my customers, reading,
pretending to work,
drifting deeply in thought.
Everyone would dream of drinking their coffee at my coffee shop.

My Enemy the Fly

Every time I go to the coffee shop
there’s this fly.
He lands on the back of a chair
or the table
or my computer
or my hand.
I hate flies.
I’m sure it is the same fly every day.
He looks the same and
he always lands in the same places.
Someday I’m going to kill him.
I should be able to do that soon.
Fall is almost here.
Hurray for Fall.