Raymond Carroll

Raymond Carroll stepped into his captain’s car.
LPD is on the side of the car.
He exited the police station and floored it.
Unfortunately, an Evantonian Beer Truck was there too.
Those trucks are always clogging up the road.
They are never of service to Linkyshire.
Until today.
Once the two vehicles met there was an explosion of missing documents.
The captain’s car’s trunk flew off.
It was like paper airplane day.


Day 7: Oh yeah

Today is Day 7. That didn’t take long.
I’m going back under today.
I think I’ll be all right.
I mean I was all right when I woke up.
Wasn’t I?
But I have to ask, which world is the dream?

Day 5: I Heard a Speeding Truck

Outside my window,

far, far away

I heard a speeding truck.

It reminded me of something,

The maniacs from Evantonian who drove their big trucks so fast.

But wait, that’s where I am right now. Evantonian Sanctuary.

I can’t tell reality from dreaming.

I feel sorry for my brainwaves.

And my neighbor’s brainwaves.

Day 4: Brainwave Interference

Miss Nurse told me that my re-fab did not go as planned.

I’m chagrinned.

But I don’t know why.

I guess you always hope for more.

It’s something about my brainwaves.

Maybe I can help them get better.

I mean they’re my brainwaves, right?

Or are they? Whose brainwaves do you think they could be?

It’s probably brainwave interference from the room next door.

Day 3: Sanctuary

It’s good to be in the Evantonian Sanctuary.
Behind the walls.

As I look out of my cottage door,
I see the dock pointing to the lake.

Something is bothering me–
I’m not really sure why I’m here.
All I remember is my dream.
I’m going to pay a lot of attention to the past now.
I’m going to remember what I can remember.

The grass is green.
The lake has whitecaps.
I think I’m safe.

Day 2: Dr. Armapple

Miss Nurse and Doctor Armapple are my best friends ever.
Miss Nurse said my recuperative sleep was over.
It lasted a month which isn’t unusual.
It was a nice, healthful, programmed sleep, she said.
She is great. She always wears pink.
And it was a great sleep.
I remember parts of a dream I had.
I’m going to write it down.
I remember a town.
It’s name was Linkyshire.
I think that’s a great name for a town.