Wray Joogles Takes a Walk

I found Wray Joogles wandering around my neighborhood,
Holding a leash to a black lab.
I had to wonder, since it was after midnight.
He was not walking normally, but he was also not walking in a drunken fashion.
I find myself thinking about this incident often.
His silhouette in front of the street light.
I hope I don’t lose sleep over it.


A Spooky Walk to the Cleaners

I took the bridge to the cleaners today,
carrying my clothes on my back.

I saw a woman dressed in pink.
She had two leashed dogs.

When the dogs turned around
I saw they had squashed faces.

Then she turned around.
She had squashed face.


Coyotes are dogs aren’t they?
I like dogs.
But the Linkyshire coyotes argue a lot.
And that is unacceptable.
Because their arguing is scary.
I feel scared when they’re all together like that.
And arguing.
About some bone or something.
In the middle of the night.
In the middle of Linkyshire.
When I’m not trying to sleep.
When I’m all alone.

S.O.S. from Linkyshire

Pinky never comes to LInkyshire anymore.
As you may recall she said LInkyshire was boring.
It has been so long since she’s been here.
Of course, I have been to Pinkyshire.
But I find Pinkyshire boring.
And her house isn’t Pink anymore either.
So what is going on?
So what to do?
Do you have any suggestions?

I’m going to the dog park to think about it.

John’s Excuse

He said Pinketoon challenged him.
Chained him like a big dog, he said.
So he took the challenge,
but changed the lock on his door.
See if she’ll be up to that challenge, he said.

So much for his love life, I guess.

John and I went to the dog park to philosophize.
Dogs are wise.
I thought we might learn something.

Dog Park

Pinky and I wanted to go to the dog park,
but, we didn’t have a dog.
We’d thought about getting a dog,
but, we never did.
So now we had a problem.
How to get into the dog park?
Cuz, you can’t get in without one.
We meandered over to the dog park
and noticed a dog rental shop,
Proprietor: Oliver Armapple.
On the other side of the block we saw
a dog kennel, Proprietor: Oliver Armapple.
So we rented someone’s dog and took it to the dog park.
It was great watching our dog frolic in the lake.

Arbo & His Old Dog

Arbo is a gifted kid. He posted this odd piece in the lobby before his mother took it down.

I hate my dog.
He disturbs me.
I don’t like to be disturbed.
He really bothers me.
I’m incringed by him.

Anyway, I was playing my favorite Video game, Hooligan’s Baton.
I made that up.
Anyway, I was playing my favorite Video game, Hooligan’s Baton.
My old dog started pulling on my shoelace.
I patted its head.
Then I washed my hands to get rid of the dog-ness.
I don’t like touching my dog.
He’s so old and grouchy looking.
He stinks too.

Then he was looking at me.
I had to take him out.

I keep the leash on the doorknob.
I took the leash from the doorknob.

I attached the right end of the leash to his collar.
I looped my end around my hand.

We went out and stood under some trees.
I felt dumb.
I hate my dog.