Coyotes Are Rude

First of all, coyotes are not democratic.

Their leader is mean and the pack follows him blindly.

That’s stupid.

But my complaint against coyotes is more specific than that.

They go out at night.

In a pack.

Yelping all the while.

Why can’t they be quiet?

The moon was not up when they yelped.

The best I could tell, a neighbor’s house had their lights on.

Was that a reason to get excited?

The coyotes yelped and yelped and I could not sleep.

Coyotes are rude.



Coyotes are dogs aren’t they?
I like dogs.
But the Linkyshire coyotes argue a lot.
And that is unacceptable.
Because their arguing is scary.
I feel scared when they’re all together like that.
And arguing.
About some bone or something.
In the middle of the night.
In the middle of Linkyshire.
When I’m not trying to sleep.
When I’m all alone.