Coffee Shop on Idle

I went to the coffee shop but I didn’t have anything to do.
Really, I just wanted to get out.
I sat there with my laptop and typed furiously,
Making believe I was busy.
This is what I wrote:


Pretty good, huh?


Planning to Visit The Engram Restaurant

At the coffee shop the next day,
Jordain asked me if I’d like to go to The Engram Restaurant today.
I said, “No, how about tomorrow?”
Jordain agreed that tomorrow was a better time.
“I look forward to it,” I said.
He said, “You’ll love it if you love abstract art.”
That surprised me, but I said nothing.
We walked out of the coffeeshop together.
I remember it was sunny outside.

Flies in the Coffee Shop

Well, I’ve avoided this topic all summer.
Grim it is.
There is more than one fly in the coffee shop these days.
I just want to go in there with a big fan and blow them all around the shop.
They mess me up.
They sit on my cup.
The owner doesn’t care.
They fill the air.
<end rant>

I am unhappy.

Big Fluffy Coats

I was in the coffee shop, again.
Most of the women in the coffee shop were wearing big fluffy coats.
Did I miss a fashion shift?
These coats were larger than the usual down-stuffed-mega-thermal thing.
They didn’t look heavy but maybe they were a little too big for the wearer.
Kinda like a space suit.
They made me feel like the alien sitting there in my seat.