The Call

Today was a bright boring day.
There was a lot of sunlight.
There was nothing to do.
Nothing rolled around in my mind.
So I dialed.
It was a random number.
Someone in a call center picked up the line.
Hello, random number company.
Hi, how are you? I said.
Fine, may I ask who’s calling?
Brewster, I said.
Hi Brewster, do you have a reference number?
No, sorry I don’t.
Alright, when was the last time you called?
I can’t remember ever having called before.
OK, how can I help you?
Can you relieve my boredom? I queried.
Laughs. I’m sorry, we can’t really help with that.
I see. What else would you be willing to talk about?
I have to go. Click.
I was a short, but pleasant call.


Men with Guns at the Linkyshire Cinema

There’s a genre I like to call “Men with Guns”.
The guy is tough, way beyond normal.
He doesn’t care about himself or anything else.
Well, maybe a cool looking girl captures his attention.
Yeah, he has that in his life.
Usually this tough guy
is surrounded or chased
by a cabal of other tough guys
who don’t care about anything except their jobs.
I went to one of these movies recently
and didn’t care for it.

The Dream About a Chair

I dreamed I was in a room.
The walls were blank.
And the floor was bare.
I was waiting for a chair to appear.
I wanted to sit in it.
I waited.
Due to my patience, a comfy chair appeared.
I sat in the chair and was at ease.
Then the chair gradually disappeared.
I still sat comfortably without the chair.


I have 2 hamsters.
My hamsters are 6 feet tall.
They run in a cage beside me.
I like to compete with them.
They always win.
They don’t like to get out of the cage.
They think there’s a hamster Olympics coming up.
I try to inform them, but they don’t listen to humans.