Gunning for Bunnies

Arbo turned 14 and got his learner’s permit.
He asked me if I would teach him to drive.
His Dad was away, permanently.
I couldn’t refuse really.
My heart is made of American cheese.
I drove out to a country dirt road and put him behind the wheel.
He was doing fine most of the time.
Then he started moving in spurts.
Starting, speeding then stopping.
Dust plumes rose around us.
What are you doing? I asked.
Gunning for bunnies, he said.
This isn’t a video game, I said and took the keys back.
Later, he couldn’t hide his grin as we said ‘bye’.


Arbo & His Old Dog

Arbo is a gifted kid. He posted this odd piece in the lobby before his mother took it down.

I hate my dog.
He disturbs me.
I don’t like to be disturbed.
He really bothers me.
I’m incringed by him.

Anyway, I was playing my favorite Video game, Hooligan’s Baton.
I made that up.
Anyway, I was playing my favorite Video game, Hooligan’s Baton.
My old dog started pulling on my shoelace.
I patted its head.
Then I washed my hands to get rid of the dog-ness.
I don’t like touching my dog.
He’s so old and grouchy looking.
He stinks too.

Then he was looking at me.
I had to take him out.

I keep the leash on the doorknob.
I took the leash from the doorknob.

I attached the right end of the leash to his collar.
I looped my end around my hand.

We went out and stood under some trees.
I felt dumb.
I hate my dog.

Arbo Cheats

Turns out Arbo is a kid around the corner from me.
I must have seen him at some point before my dream.
His hair shoots out of his head at an angle like an anime character.
He likes soccer and the XBox 360.
He says he likes to drive off buildings,
shoot pigeons, and kill his employers,
on the XBox 360, of course.
How do you avoid the police?
Cheats, he says.
He fits right into our community here.
Makes me think I should get some dangerous hobby.

My Fake Son at the Fake Soccer Camp

In my dream I had a son named Arbo.
He wanted to go to soccer camp
so I arranged it.
We had looked forward to it for months.
When we got there the other kids showed up.
They were only as tall as a small truck tire.
Arbo had fun anyway and made some friends.
His coach liked him a lot.