Planning to Visit The Engram Restaurant

At the coffee shop the next day,
Jordain asked me if I’d like to go to The Engram Restaurant today.
I said, “No, how about tomorrow?”
Jordain agreed that tomorrow was a better time.
“I look forward to it,” I said.
He said, “You’ll love it if you love abstract art.”
That surprised me, but I said nothing.
We walked out of the coffeeshop together.
I remember it was sunny outside.


Hearing About The Engram Restaurant

I made a new friend at the coffee shop.
His name is Jordain.
He said I should visit the new restaurant,
The Engram Restaurant.
I know the word restaurant has appeared in the previous two lines,
and now the previous three lines,
but it’s the name of the restaurant.
Anyway, I plan to visit the restaurant soon.

Taking Advantage

I am taking advantage of my new assignment by reading
science fiction.
There are visionaries on Earth that can see into the future
far better than I.
I told Roger Mellon (head) that that was my tack.
I’m going to write a book report for everyone.

The 10,000K Problem

They don’t know what to do with me at work.
So I was assigned the 10,000K problem.
I know, they know, you know that that year 10,000 A.D. is a long way away.
Yes it is.
But that won’t stop me from dealing with the issue.
The 10,000K problem is hear to stay.
For a while.

Thinking About Robots Some More

I think people don’t like to work.
Some say it gives life meaning.
But I don’t think so.
That got me thinking about robots,
Since I am one of them.
Robots should grow our food.
Robots should cook our food.
Robots should serve our food,
And then throw the food away.
They should pump their own gas too.
Or if it’s an electric car they should plug it in.
That covers all the bases I think.

My Life as a Robot

I am living life like a robot.
I walk into the kitchen to do things.
I do many things and then walk out of the room.
I do these things, you see, every day of my brief existence.
Living like a robot is like that all the time.
There is nothing to it really.