Coffee Shop on Idle

I went to the coffee shop but I didn’t have anything to do.
Really, I just wanted to get out.
I sat there with my laptop and typed furiously,
Making believe I was busy.
This is what I wrote:


Pretty good, huh?


Glomville Residents

Have you ever met a Glomville resident?
I met three today.
The first looked at me sheepishly as he shuffled along.
The second was arguing with her handbag.
I took a break in the Glomville coffee shop.
It was the wrong decision.
The barrista couldn’t take my order due to rapid yawning.
I fled.
Why did I visit Glomville?

The Engram Restaurant

The door to the Engram Restaurant was see-through,
Like there was nothing there, not like glass.
We went in.
A very old man showed us to our table.
He whispered something to us as we sat down.
I couldn’t hear what he said.
He brought the menu.
The menu was see-through too.
Gradually, I found that focusing on the middle of the menu,
I could read it.
It said, “Order something.”
I obeyed.
I ordered a salad.
The old man, who wore a cowl, brought the salad.
It looked like fake cardboard.
It tasted familiar, but a little like cardboard.
I mentioned it to Jordain, who said, “That’s the beauty of it.”
It was beautiful.
You couldn’t get a complaint out of me that day.
Jordain paid for my salad and we walked out feeling chummy.
I remember it was very sunny.

Planning to Visit The Engram Restaurant

At the coffee shop the next day,
Jordain asked me if I’d like to go to The Engram Restaurant today.
I said, “No, how about tomorrow?”
Jordain agreed that tomorrow was a better time.
“I look forward to it,” I said.
He said, “You’ll love it if you love abstract art.”
That surprised me, but I said nothing.
We walked out of the coffeeshop together.
I remember it was sunny outside.

Taking Advantage

I am taking advantage of my new assignment by reading
science fiction.
There are visionaries on Earth that can see into the future
far better than I.
I told Roger Mellon (head) that that was my tack.
I’m going to write a book report for everyone.