Sentiments about Popcorn

We like to chew popcorn.
But sometimes it doesn’t pop.
Sometimes it’s really hard.
But we like to chew popcorn.
Chewing is fun.
So we chew the unpopped popcorn anyway.
And chip a tooth and it doesn’t matter.
It’s still really good.


Raymond Carroll

Raymond Carroll stepped into his captain’s car.
LPD is on the side of the car.
He exited the police station and floored it.
Unfortunately, an Evantonian Beer Truck was there too.
Those trucks are always clogging up the road.
They are never of service to Linkyshire.
Until today.
Once the two vehicles met there was an explosion of missing documents.
The captain’s car’s trunk flew off.
It was like paper airplane day.

Jen: Jigsaw Puzzler

Today I met Jen.
She is a Jigsaw Puzzler.
I mean, she get’s paid to put together jigsaw puzzles.
Sometimes they are 100,000 pieces.
I think my head isn’t screwed on just right.
I met her at the elevator.
She was going up.
I was coming down.
I don’t think that’s very important though.

Red Flag Day

Today is Red Flag Day.
It means the wind is blowing.
Very hard.
Bright leaves dive bomb the pavement.
Yellow leaves kick orange leaves.
They flock.
A flock of bright leaves follow the police chief’s car.
Twittering like birds they seem to bother the car.
This way and that way.
They don’t give up.
The car tries to get away but can’t.
This is very odd weather.

Document Fever

Everywhere I go I notice documents.
Even if it’s just a piece of paper lying on a counter, I call it a document.
Sometimes I think I see a pile of documents near the donation bin,
like someone is giving documents away.
Speculation is rampant.
Gibbon O’Hara, the building supervisor, thinks there’s a document thief.
It’s a daft idea.
But it could be real.
I mean, how many people forget their documents?

Missing Documents

Many businesses in Linkyshire have noticed that paper documents have gone missing.
This always happens around lunchtime.
The Linkyshire police chief, Raymond Carroll, had this to say: “We’re looking into it.”
I, myself, am not missing any documents.
Neither are my neighbors.
Nobody knows what to make of it.