Lazyites Club Announcement

The Lazyites Club is not meeting this week.
Keep those donations rolling in.
Some one will win the ‘day off’ prize.


The State of John Puterhead’s Puter

John Puterhead took a day off from his putering.
He explains, “I had to go grocery shopping.”
I’m not sure that’s the full explanation.
But when he returned to his puter a day later, it wouldn’t start.
He had to coax it to work with loving words.
He had to touch the touch pad and click the mouse.
He had to plug and unplug peripherals.
He sent me a smiley face to say all was well.

He says his puter gets lonely when left in a bag.

New Postman

Traipsing in and out of the building.
Sorting the letters into boxes.
He mumbles to himself.
His words are often ‘green grass,’
‘sunny days.’
Like he’s reminding himself of something.
Like he’s dwelling on something.
I wonder how long mail will be delivered like that.
There’s such much email already.
I don’t even know his name.