My Trip to Lake Blug

My trip to Lake Blug was really superlative.
The streets were frozen.
The store fronts were frozen.
The pizza was hot.
The coffee was hot.
But the dogs were frozen.
That was a little terrifying.
Still, the mayor was pleasant.
He runs the radio show on Saturdays.
I saw a cat skip along the roof.
Yes, I know, not much happened.


Glovebox Trauma

Driving around one day I heard a warbling.
It was annoying.
It sounded like it was coming from my dashboard.
I was really afraid my car needed a repair.
I hate the repair shop.
It’s full of flies.
At a stoplight I decided to investigate.
I opened my glove box and found a rain cloud.
The warbling was miniature thunder.
I couldn’t stop looking at it.
People were honking at me,
But I felt safe.

Inky, the Lost Cat Ep. 3

I began to wonder if anyone cared about Inky.
Such a sad thought.
Then I got a call from a guy who said, “It looks like my cat.”
“So come and get it,” I said.
He hammered on my door.
I opened it.
He was a big, broad guy in a brown jacket.
Face with a scar.
“Lemme see the cat.”
I picked up Inky.
Inky hissed at him and her fur stood up.
“That’s not my cat,” he said and walked away.
I decided I was Inky’s owner.
I took down all the notices.
I’m not a litter bug.