Hobo’s Pumpkin

My Favorite Video Game — Hobo’s Pumpkin has three separate phases.
It is really the most playable and cool game.
In the first phase everyone turns into a pumpkin hunting zombie.
Pumpkins are hard to find at first.
Until the vast horde of zombies finds the pumpkin patch,
which can be anywhere.
Once it was in a cookie jar.
But before you get can very far with eating a pumpkin the aliens arrive.
Instead of eating pumpkins with us they hand out large swiveling and colorful
pumpkin guns.
The pumpkin guns reduce the pumpkin to an orange liquid.
Getting hit with a burst of the stuff ports your avatar to the VAT.
This is the 3rd phase of the game, getting out of the VAT.
There are hordes of zombies there ultimately, trying to escape the VAT.
Scaling the sides of the VAT is impossible, but stepping on someone’s head is not.
So up you go,
stepping on your neighbor’s face,
squashing it,
getting squashed by the zombie above you,
and moving up and out of the VAT,
back to eating and shooting pumpkins.
The aliens just sit there and watch.
Cool huh?