Day 7: Oh yeah

Today is Day 7. That didn’t take long.
I’m going back under today.
I think I’ll be all right.
I mean I was all right when I woke up.
Wasn’t I?
But I have to ask, which world is the dream?


Day 6: Pink=Pinky

I think my nurse is actually Pinky.

She wears pink, you know.

But who is Pinky, really?

Just a fictional character in my enormous dream,
who rejected Linkyshire and moved away.

Anyway, she came to my room today.

She had many things to do.
I couldn’t follow it.

I’m prepped for another month of rest.

Maybe I just want her to be Pinky because…
Or maybe I just miss Linkyshire.

Day 5: I Heard a Speeding Truck

Outside my window,

far, far away

I heard a speeding truck.

It reminded me of something,

The maniacs from Evantonian who drove their big trucks so fast.

But wait, that’s where I am right now. Evantonian Sanctuary.

I can’t tell reality from dreaming.

I feel sorry for my brainwaves.

And my neighbor’s brainwaves.