Library Feud

The Librarians from Evantonian came to our library today.
They parked a big white truck in the no parking zone.
Each one of their librarians wore a big grin as they entered our library.
The noise level rose as they came out.
I could actually hear the Library like it was an electronic aria.
And although it was far, far away
I could hear the electronic aria from the Evantonian Library.
Impressed by all the weird loveliness, I started the walk home,
The two electronic arias in my head.
The sound was not at all irritating;
in fact, it was soothing and trance-like.
Everyone in Linkyshire was walking home.
The whole town was sleep-walking
because of what the Evantonian librarians did.
When I got home I was so happy I went to sleep in it.
This was the second odd experience in a fortnight.