Badal’s Karma

There was a cat in the tree
in the middle of a snow storm.
And there was Badel
on a ladder
hoisting his 80 year old frame up the ladder.
I saw him from the window of my unit and called out to him,
“What are you doing Badal?”
“Oh, it’s you,” he said, “I’m balancing my karma…
“you see, there’s a cat stuck in this tree. I’m going to get it down.”
I went down and held the ladder for him.
I thought I’d balance the ladder for him.


Fictitious Brewster

I put down my 7th cigarette, left my apartment and headed downtown,
Swerving and cutting off the laggards in the left lane,
My Mini-Cooper rocketing underneath me…

It was one of those sultry days of summer when anything can happen.
And happen it did.
Once parked, I walked into the coffee shop and I saw her standing there…
her sharp cut hair was audaciously out of alignment,
her heels on the throat of my friend John,
what the heck,
and there was Mayor Armapple by her side smiling wistfully…

then I woke up, faintly refreshed unready for the day.