White Shirt

There is nothing safer than a white shirt.
I wore it to Evantonian and never had any trouble at all.


John Puterhead and Pinky’s Puter

John Puterhead was brought in to look at Pinky’s puter.
It was slow.
He looked.
He saw.
He shook his head.
There’s no way I can fix this on my own, he said.
So John Puterhead was stumped.
I was stumped.
Pinky’s puter is slow because of 1000 email and 1000 sticky notes.
Pinky finds this all a bit terrifying.
I think John Puterhead feels the same way.

Pinky and Her Puter

Pinky’s computer clogged up.
A thousand or more emails are in her inbox.
There is no way she can read them.
There is no way she wants them.
Some people who know Pinky will never get a reply.
Some advertisers will never have her as a customer.
They should think twice before sending out that email.
Not everyone can read all their email.

The Fire

The Burning Arrow Store caught fire.
Fred put it out.
Hurray for Fred!
He is the best fire chief in the world.
I think.
The mall was not affected.
No one fled in panic.
There was no one in the mall at the time.
Hurray for Fred.
Although Fred looks weird in his sunglasses at night.

Linkyshire Machines

Linkyshire has machines.
They operate at night when we’re sleeping.
Sometimes you can hear them but usually not.
They are in the woods and the streams and on the roads.
And what are they doing?
They are making Linkyshire perfect.
They are picking up the pieces of paper, the bottle caps,
glass, and other things that people have left behind.
They are picking up the trash left by those Evantonians,
those roughly speaking people that trash us.
Thank god for those wonderful Linkyshire machines.
I love them.