John and Pinketoon

They were standing in the parking lot.
Talking, talking, talking.
Pinketoon looked happy,
gaily chattering away.
John was animated.
They were there for over an hour together.
Then they moved off to the gazebo by the pond.
I don’t think we have to wonder what’s happening here.
Linkyshire does wonderful things for people.


The Moth

Pink (a.k.a Pinky) was in the kitchen.
She was cleaning up.
A moth was floating around the room.
It landed here and there and it became a nuisance.
Pink put on her dishwashing gloves and punched it.

That’s how to deal with a moth, I thought.

High End Mall Store

I went to Linkyshire’s high end mall today.
There was a new store called the Burning Arrow Store.
They sold burning arrows or so they said.
There were slogans on the front of the store that read,
“Do unto others as you would not want them to do unto you”
and a quote from China’s prime minister, “Burning Arrows are for you,”
and a quote from the Australian prime minister, “Shipped discretely in flame retardant brown paper.”
A real burning arrow was burning underneath the slogans.
The fire was real.
I wonder if Fred has seen the store.
I decided to keep the idea of entering the store in my back pocket.

John Arrives

John is back.
He says he was in Antarctica on a trip.
Don’t believe it. And remember he is from Finland not Antarctica.

When I bumped into him a second time he said he was in the woods for four months.
That is believable.

I know what I want to do now, he said.
I have to find a woman to marry, he said.
But to get a woman I have to get a job, he said.
To get a job I have to take a shower, he said.

Sounds like a productive time in the woods, I thought.

Pinky’s Sister

I was sitting around at home.
Minding my own business.
Pinky’s sister showed up.
She introduced herself as Pinketoon.
It sounded like a Canadian territory.
But out of respect for Pinky,
I ushered her in.
She couldn’t sit still.
She kept jumping up to point at something,
to exclaim, to announce, to draw her breath deeply and sharply and exhale.
She talked about art, design, politics, and lipstick or the lack of it in the world.

I toasted her a muffin.