Why I don’t call Pinky Fluffy

Pinky’s hair is fluffy.
Her head is very small.
Her hair sticks out and makes her head look larger than it is.
But I do not call her Fluffy.
First of all, the name Fluffy is derogatory.
Fluffy is a dog’s name.
Pinky is a human being and except when she is annoyed she is sweet.
Therefore she does not fit the Fluffy stereotype.
Therefore I do not call her Fluffy.


The Invitation

Mayor Armapple invited me to his office.
What an honor!
I have never met with a mayor of any town anywhere.
I’m really looking forward to it.
I can’t imagine what I could offer the town of Linkyshire.
I’m a peon.

New Cat Eye Store

Mayor Armapple was present at the opening of a new store in Linkyshire.
He is our best promoter.
Someone invented contacts for cats and the name of the new store is Cat Eye.
So you can get your cat contacts and even change the color of your pet’s eyes with a purchase.
I liked the ones with LEDs around the circumference.
I’m looking forward to spooky cat neighborhood in the near future.


You may remember Pinky’s statement.
Pitiful, isn’t it?
Why would anyone want to leave the hellenistic civilization of Linkyshire.
I asked her where she was going.
She said, “Pinkyshire”.
I’m not sure how to take that exactly.
I’m sure we’ll see each other again soon.