The Linkyshire Awards Program

I got Mayor Armapple’s latest scheme in the mail today…

To: Linkyshire Awards Program Participant

The Linkyshire Awards Program is writing you to alert you to your award!!!

This weekend only and no other weekend you have been awarded a free stay in Linkyshire!

Award Benefits include:
        •        Free food with your stay at the location of your stay only

        •        Clean sheets as soon as you leave Linkyshire
        •        Fabulous Linkyshire shopping with access to shopping in less attractive environs nearby
        •        Free access to Linkyshire treadmill!
        •        Views of bucolic Linkyshire – no need to imagine them – right out your window (includes parking lot)
        •        Free underground, not spooky, parking with access to your stay room
        •        Free WiFi – imagine surfing the Internet for free!
        •        Free use of widescreen TV (no cable) – bring any DVD you like!
        •        Share the suite with a real resident of Linkyshire. 
Imagine shaking Mayor Oliver Armapple’s hand in person!

Come any time this Thursday or Friday and stay until Sunday or Monday!

Don’t pass it up!