John’s Practice Night

Last night I suddenly saw a hook on my balcony railing.
It clanged.
He hoisted himself up to my balcony and was looking in with a sheepish grin on his face.
He was seeking permission to spend the night there as a sort of practice night.
I said, ‘sure, of course.’
I went ahead and watched TV while he set up his tent and sleeping bag.
He was gone before daybreak.


John’s Spring Break

John says he’s taking a Spring Break.
That’s great, but I wonder what he’s taking a break from.
He hasn’t worked in six months.
He says he’s going on a long hike.
He didn’t say it but I think the hike will last until the end of summer.
This is no one week hike by the looks of his backpack.
Bye John. See you in the Fall I’m guessing.
I’m feeling a little sad.
He’s a nice madman to have around.

The Linkyshire Awards Program

I got Mayor Armapple’s latest scheme in the mail today…

To: Linkyshire Awards Program Participant

The Linkyshire Awards Program is writing you to alert you to your award!!!

This weekend only and no other weekend you have been awarded a free stay in Linkyshire!

Award Benefits include:
        •        Free food with your stay at the location of your stay only

        •        Clean sheets as soon as you leave Linkyshire
        •        Fabulous Linkyshire shopping with access to shopping in less attractive environs nearby
        •        Free access to Linkyshire treadmill!
        •        Views of bucolic Linkyshire – no need to imagine them – right out your window (includes parking lot)
        •        Free underground, not spooky, parking with access to your stay room
        •        Free WiFi – imagine surfing the Internet for free!
        •        Free use of widescreen TV (no cable) – bring any DVD you like!
        •        Share the suite with a real resident of Linkyshire. 
Imagine shaking Mayor Oliver Armapple’s hand in person!

Come any time this Thursday or Friday and stay until Sunday or Monday!

Don’t pass it up!