There is so much snow that we are living underground now.
It is quite the experience.
Mayor Oliver Armapple has declared an emergency;
other than that he hasn’t done anything.
I don’t see any plows or traffic today.
No sirens.
Just coyote tracks petering out in the distance.
Yup, the LInkyshire newsletter says the coyotes are back to breed at this time of year.
Pups should arrive in 60 days.
I’m looking forward to it.



I have lived with 10 chairs for 3 years.
Only now have I arranged 3 of them at my table.
My table is black.
There are two white chairs at the table.
They are covered in leather.
The 3rd chair is red plastic.
There is nothing symmetrical about their positions.
On the table surface there are 3 green, metallic place mats.
Each chair has a place mat.
It is perfect.
My hope is that this focus is not evidence for loss of mind.
Under the circumstances my calm is not rational.

In Defense of Linkyshire

Mini-Coopers don’t break down. We all own one.
Gunmen don’t flee here. They are not welcome.
Roads are not crowded. We are not big.
It is quiet. That means you can think.
The police are well-payed. That means gunmen don’t flee here.
There is a convenient coffee shop.
You can shop around the corner.
It is not snoppity.
It is not Evantonian.