Cold of Winter

It is so cold that it is not fair.
Animals have not been seen in days,
except for a dog yelping to get back in last night.
It is too cold to go to the coffee shop to get a hot drink.
I would need a couple of hot drinks just to get there.
And you can only see the sun because the clouds have been frozen out of the sky.
I guess I will wait right here until the cold is over,
Typing and thinking about how cold it is.


Revoking Your Membership

I’ve received a lot of questions about the Lazyites Club.
People want to work for the Lazyites Club.
I’m sorry, but this is the wrong attitude,
and you cannot maintain your membership in the club if you persist.
You have to do nothing once in a while.
If you have a problem doing nothing then you should join another club.
Watching TV does not count as doing nothing unless
you forget what you were watching,
then its OK.

Darth Pinky

I went into her bedroom to ask her to dinner.
She was sitting up, under a blanket.
You could not see her face at all.
Instead of a face there was a dark hole.
No evidence of strained breathing however.
Meditating no doubt.
Darth Pinky is born.