Coffee with Mrs. Magellan

Mrs. Magellan was sitting in the coffee shop.
I came in and saw her and said, ‘hello’.
She said, What are you doing here?
I’m getting coffee.
Why don’t you make it at home?
Because I like the coffee shop.
You should make it at home.

Maybe I don’t really have the rapport I thought I had.

I ordered my coffee and sat down next to Mrs. Magellan.
How are you Mrs. Magellan?
Not good (actually she said nog good, I think she has a cold).
My son is embarrassing me. He refuses to get a job.
He’s a lot like that guy in our building, John.
Yeah,,, John. He writes.
My son thinks he’s a writer. It’s a completely worthless profession.
What would be a good profession for your son?
He was in banking. He was good at that.

This was a hard conversation to have. I think I’ll start dreaming now.