Design Maniacs

Pinky gave me a Christmas present.
It came in the mail after Christmas.
It was a teapot.
I drink a lot of tea but I have been without a teapot.
Pinky took care of that. Thanks Pinky.
When I took the teapot out of the box
we looked at it, Pinky and I.
We stared at it.
It was beautiful.
Pinky liked the lid.
I liked the spout.
The teapot was perfect.
We stared at it together.
It was a beautiful moment with the teapot.
It looked even better on the trivet.


Is Fred Cool?

Fred, the fire chief, shaved his head.
John thinks he looks like a monk.
Fred thinks he looks cool.
You can tell by the way he carries himself,
with confidence in his stride…
but I have to say, he is another public figure
with remarkably, un-subtle delusions.
John talked to him about the haircut.
He wanted to know if Fred was cut out for monastery life.
Fred’s expression was priceless.


Every day is cloudy.
All the time I hear people complain about the weather.
It is depressing, they say.
It is always cloudy, they say.
I look out the window and nothing is startling, or abrasive.
Cloudy weather provides a blanket of safety.
So here I am under the clouds,
under the roof
inside my condo.
It suits me.

Mayor Oliver Armapple

Armapple is the genius behind the Linkyshire betterment program.
His latest idea is to recycle ice.
My refrigerator makes ice but I don’t think that’s what he is talking about.
I wonder what he is talking about.
He is going to give a presentation on recycling ice tonight.
I wonder if I’m going to watch it.
His program sounds daft.

Letter from Paul

Paul wrote me.
He is fine, he says,
living with monks somewhere,
I don’t know where exactly.
The post mark is Hong Kong, but
that can’t be right.
He says he is in the mountains.
And without Ruth bugging him,
he is getting clear about life.
Well, I thought, after reading his letter,
I hope he is well after everything that happened.
And I hope Ruth is OK too.
And I hope the bank had a good insurance policy.
And I hope the insurance company had a good re-insurance policy.
I wish everyone well tonight.