Pinky had a sidewalk but it was no good.
It went by her yard and couldn’t get over her tree roots.
One slab lay on top of another.
The city said, “Pinky, you better fix it…
at your expense.”
Pinky was furious.
The city wanted to cut her tree roots
because of what they did to the sidewalk but
Pinky wouldn’t let them.
She won the battle and because she won she
got to pay $822.45 for a new sidewalk that
swept around the tree. Now she has a designer sidewalk.
Cool. But no one else has a sidewalk on her street.
Her sidewalk goes nowhere.
She says she’s going to have a walking party.
We can all walk from one side of her front yard to the other,
en masse, going nowhere, but using the sidewalk more than
it will get used in the next twenty years.
That’s a success in my book.