Paul & Ruth at the Mini-Cooper Race Track

Paul & Ruth decided they needed something in common.
They took their Mini-Coopers to the track.
Paul edged out Ruth on the back leg and
crossed the finish line first.
After he stopped Ruth nailed him.
Now they have two Mini-Coopers
at the collision shop.


My Serious Chat

John came to my place and asked me a question,
He stared at me.
He looked grim.
“Why ask a question?” I said.
He seemed happy with that.
I opened the door for him.

Evantonian Dog Park

Pinky and I went to the dog park.
I watched the Evantonian Police post a notice–
banning all Linkyshire dogs from the dog park.
After they left,
I mangled the sign with my bare hands and buried it in the sand.
The happy dogs that frolic in the park don’t care.
They like other dogs.
I am like them except
I have to use my hands to catch a frisbee.
Believe me, I’ve tried otherwise, but nothing works.

Fred McNamara

Fred is the Fire Chief in Linkyshire.
He has had a fascination with fire since childhood.
He dreams of fires in houses and factories.
He likes people too.
He dreams of people in fires.
He dreams of saving them
or not.
Either way it is a good career for Fred.