Local TV Ad

Tired of barking dogs?
Spray them with glue.
Emily’s Glue fixes barking dogs.
The dog will not bark again, ever.
Picture of silent happy dog.

I’m not sure who would buy this.


Stormy Morning

The clouds were dark and roiled.
It was windy too.
I had to turn on the lights for breakfast.
Mrs. Magellan had a hard time walking.
She is almost old.
I was going to go to work but
It was dark and better under the covers.
The creepiest memories came back to me.

Ruth Hears A Dog Barking In the Distance

I heard Ruth singing through an open window.

“It is nice to hear a dog barking in the distance,
far away.
You can imagine a field and a fence,
the moon,
and a long dusty road.
It is where the heart wants to be.
Another dog answers,
the pair of them
fear what it is like
to be the other.”

Paul closed the window in frustration.

Mini-Cooper Traffic Jam

There was a big traffic jam today in downtown Linkyshire.
We were all crowded around the fountain.
I don’t know where everyone came from.
There were some out of state plates.
I don’t blame them for wanting to come to the Mini-Cooper capital of the world.
Someone stuck their tongue out at me.
I didn’t like that.
I wasn’t trying to cut anyone off much.
There just wasn’t room.
We all sat there for about half an hour.