LPD in Spring

The Linkyshire police are very busy.
They are always arresting somebody.
I can hear the sirens any time of day.
But I can’t see them.
Linkyshire is leafy. Oh so leafy.
Leafy trees cover the roads.
Leafy trees cover my view.
So much green in between the green.
It’s like the trees are singing.


Another Night in Linkyshire

My girl friend’s head is a cute shoebox shape.
And her ears are plugged up —
When she works in the kitchen dishes crash against the sink, or stove,
and I jump out of my chair in the study.

Later in the evening we look out over the trees in Linkyshire.
They are dark and beautiful.
I feel something full and good approaching but I don’t know what it is.


Many people live in Linkyshire.
But not too many.
Everyone drives a Mini-Cooper.
You pronounce that “Meeni-Couper”.
It is a law by consensus.
Most people here think Linkyshire is better than Evantonian.
Evantonian is a nearby town. I think Evantonian sucks.
I’m glad I’m not from there.
It has high buildings that get in your way.
Mostly I like driving my Mini-Cooper in Linkyshire.
I wave to the people as I go by.