But, as a premier member of the Lazyites Club,
I can’t be bothered to look up how muskrats deal with high water marks.
When the creek is so high it nearly touches the footbridge.
They huddle like Florida families during a hurricane, right?


Cooking at Home

I take one heirloom tomato.
I put the tomato on a cutting board.
I core out the top.
I slice the tomato on the cutting board.
The tomato rocks into two pieces and
Tomato juice covers the board.
I quickly slice the tomato halves into pieces.
This is the best part now.
I put salt on the cutting board.
Then rub the tomato on the salt.
Eating the tomato and rinsing the board
Means the whole thing is over with.

Wray Joogles Takes a Walk

I found Wray Joogles wandering around my neighborhood,
Holding a leash to a black lab.
I had to wonder, since it was after midnight.
He was not walking normally, but he was also not walking in a drunken fashion.
I find myself thinking about this incident often.
His silhouette in front of the street light.
I hope I don’t lose sleep over it.